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Tagesklinik für Multiple Sklerose

Multiple Sclerosis Clinic


Multiple sclerosis, also known as “encephalomyelitis disseminata,” is one of the most common neurological diseases of young adults. In Switzerland, multiple sclerosis is diagnosed in nearly 500 people every year. Nationwide there are over 10,000 people affected. A MS diagnosis usually hits patients out of the blue and can completely change their lives. The feared illness does not necessarily lead to severe disability. Today’s cutting-edge science offers very good therapies that may prevent a progressive course of the disease.

Our MS-clinic is especially tailored for the diagnostics and treatment of multiple sclerosis with regard to staff, architecture as well as equipment. It provides a holistic medical approach to diagnostics and therapy of MS. Owing to an ideal organization of the examination steps, we are able to carry out the entire diagnostics (clinical-neurological examination, MRI of head and spinal cord, lumbar punction, blood analyses and evoked potentials) on one single day. This service is particularly attractive to working persons as well as national and international external patients.

The multiple sclerosis clinic is lead by Prof. Dr. med. Adam Czaplinski in close collaboration with PD Dr. med. Manuel Meyer. Both neurologists have many years of valuable experience and knowledge in diagnostics, treatment and therapy of multiple sclerosis.

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