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Second Opinion Consultations

Second Opinion Consultations

Our second opinion consultations benefit you threefold: You receive a medical expert opinion on your disease, an advice on possible treatment and a detailed consultation.  

The variety of possible treatments, which are becoming increasingly complex,   can often confuse patients. At times, therapy recommendations may not be based on much scientific evidence. Against this background, a re-evaluation of the suggested treatment and a survey of alternative treatments – in the form of a second opinion – may optimize the quality of the therapy. A second opinion may thus support you in the decision-making process involving complex issues concerning diagnostics and treatment.   

The rapid development of the information media during the past decade – particularly the spread of the Internet – has had severe consequences for the health sector as well. However, a second opinion consultation may foster your patient competence and enable you to positively influence your illness and treatment situation. 

We offer a special service to our patients from abroad:

For all cases which in our opinion do not require further physical consultations, we offer a so-called patient record consult. The patient receives our opinion as well as a written summary. However, in complex cases with regards to optimizing treatment quality, we prefer a direct consultation in our centre and offer a short outpatient procedure with the necessary diagnostics. 

We have physicians at the NeuroCentre Bellevue who are able to speak German, English, French, Italian, Polish and Russian. If required and with advance notice, we can offer the services of professional interpreters for Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Czech, Arabian, Chinese, Hindu and other languages.

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